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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Episode 5-Male Orgasm

Male Orgasm

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***This is in no way is an ad for sex.  These are suggestions for your personal life, not for office visits.

The male orgasm is a complicated experience. The main  biological function of the male orgasm is the ejaculation of sperm to impregnated a mate, however, not all men ejaculate with orgasm.  This fact is often a surprise to most men.
Ejaculation and the Male Orgasm
According to
: , it is possible to have a male orgasm without ejaculation.
  • Pre-adolescent boys may experience an orgasm without ejaculation.
  • Some men do not have an ejaculation until several seconds after orgasm.
  • Some men, who are incapable of ejaculation, are still capable of orgasm.
  • Some men, may experience several ejaculations and go on to have further orgasms, but without ejaculation.
Physical Experience of the Male orgasm
The male orgasm seems to have psychological effect as well as a physical effects. Some men experience, an orgasm in just the scrotum and the genital area, while other men report a sensation that expands out to other parts of the body. Still, other men claim that their orgasms full body experience.
To understand how the male come to have an orgasm first we must understand how the penis works. Penile erection involves a complex interaction between three of the body systems to work together,  the vascular system, the nervous system and the endocrine system.  Penile erection happens when two tubular structures, known as the corpora cavernosa become engorged with venous blood, Corpora cavernosa  run the length of the penis  and usually fill up due to physiological stimuli, also known as sexual stimulation and sexual arousal. The corpus spongiosum, a single tubular structure which contains the urethra may also become slightly engorged with blood, but less so than the corpora cavernosa.
Nervous System
When aroused by sexual stimulus, the reflex centers of the spinal cord begin to emit impulses that leave the cord, go to the genitals and initiate emission, the forerunner of ejaculation.

Vascular System
Many fluids from the vas deferens, the prostate, the ampulla and the seminal vesicles and even more tiny glands), mix and head into the internal urethra by contractions of the groin muscles. The filling of the internal urethra evoke signals that are transmitted through the pudendal nerves from the spinal cord. Increases of pressure in the urethra prompt the semen to be thrusted out, resulting in ejaculation. After ejaculation, erection will subside within one or two minutes in most males.

Endocrine System:
Levels of testosterone in every man is different and play a major role in and performance.

What Happens During the Male Orgasm?
 When an orgasm begins, heart rate, blood pressure and respiration all increase. His pelvic thrusts become less voluntary and muscles of the penis will  begin to contract rhythmically in order to eject semen from the urethra
. Males are able to reach orgasm from the time they begin puberty. During puberty, many males even reach orgasm during their sleep. This is called a "wet dream."
Men are capable of multiple orgasm however, too often when men hear the term “male multiple orgasm,”  they view it as  experiencing orgasm and ejaculation several times in a row. 15-20% of males in their teens and twenties reported that they were capable of repeated orgasm with ejaculation in a limited period of time. Most men will lost this ability by age 30 or 40’. However,  the term male multiple orgasm usually refer to the experience of having several non-ejaculatory orgasms in a row during one session of sex play, which is a different, but intense and satisfying, sexual experience

Orgasm and Ejaculation are Separate for Men

Just as we are not taught and often surprised women can ejaculate, men rarely taught that orgasm and ejaculation  are also separate for men. Because most men learn to orgasm by themselves and share their experience verbally only with other young men, they never learn the distinction between orgasm and ejaculation.. But they are two different experiences, and when men learn to separate them, they can also learn to have more than one orgasm for each ejaculation.  A male must to control ejaculation and hold it back, while having several non-ejaculatory orgasms. This is learn from masturbation .  A man must discover his own sexual responses and feelings. Some men love these feelings and incorporate them into their regular sexual practice, where others claim that this experience has a spiritual element to it. It is not uncommon that some men will find that even though they are orgasm multiple times that they like ejaculating better. Western are most likely not to be taught the ancient tantric practices as a man in the east is taught.
 To learn more read the  blog on” Male multiple orgasm”
Men like women can cheat themselves of orgasm by worrying about their performance.  Take turns with your partner rather than worrying about performance.  Have your partner agree to turn taking for both orgasm and performance.  You will both benefit  and will be able to have a more orgasmic  productive love life .

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